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Fatherhood is designed for new Dad's – first timers. The job of being a Dad has rewards and is exciting. At times, though, it can be a challenge. Many young men coming through our doors may not be married to the mother of their child, may be underage, and/or may be in a time of financial hardship. As if finding out someone's going to call them “Daddy” isn't enough to worry about.

Fatherhood is offered in conjunction with Hand-In-Hand for first time Moms. It has its' own focus, incentive gifts and baby bucks as do our other parenting programs. Dads complete homework assignments and bring them back to help us in assessing their readiness and enabling us to be encouragers at a sometimes difficult time in their lives as well as the lives of our new Moms. As always, all of the gifts and services our clients receive are provided free of charge.

We want to encourage these new Dads with some positive helps. Fatherhood speaks to several key issues – being the pacesetter for his child and in his family; involvement in the daily affairs of his child; being the protector and provider; setting priorities; partner cooperation to provide a loving, stable family for the good of his child; and how Dad's words and actions make an impact on his child.

Information has been gathered from the National Fatherhood Initiative, Boot Camp for New Dads, Guys for Life, and

This program began in 2010

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